Red Cafe feat. Fabolous - I'm Ill


Project info: Music Video
Artist: Red Cafe
Song Title: "I'm Ill"
Director: Edwin Decena


This video will be a strongly cinematic performance piece with dynamic narrative elements to bring out the vibe of the track. The video will have an ultra-slick, noirish look, with very saturated and edgy colors throughout. We will shoot with anamorphic widescreen lenses, giving the piece a grandiose "block-buster" feel.

Intro Daytime. We open up with a shot of a crumbling, shell of an old factory, in a shady, run-down industrial street near the East River.

Inside the decaying factory, there is a large, open space with all sorts of dubri that has tumbled in from the blown out roof. In the middle of the open space we see a large group people screaming and cheering with their arms in the air. As the camera slowly closes in we see the crowd cheering for the two customed cars, drift racing in a large circle.

Red Cafe walks in through the middle of the crowd and gets the ring leader's attention. Red tosses a large Louis bag over to the ring leader. The ring leader opens up the bag and shuffles through the bundle of dollars before giving the sign of approval.

He looks over his other shoulder and gets the attention of Fabolous who slowly walks over.

Fabolous shoots Red Cafe a sinister smile as he walks up and says "Ain't think you was gonna show up."

Red Cafe "I ain't never been a nigga to leave free money on a table."

The two momentarily meet face to face before the ring leader squeezes in between them.

"Alright, we gonna switch it up for this one." He pulls out a map and continues, "Ya'll gonna race through the city and hit these 4 spots. First one back gets the pot." He gives Fab and Red a look over to make sure they understand. "I got look outs on every spot so no slick shit."

"What we ridin' in?" asks Red.

At which we cut to a shot of two custom Dodge Challengers pulling up behind them.

(Song starts)
Red Cafe snatches the first female at arms reach and makes sure she comes along for the ride. Fabolous does the same as they peel out in the Challengers leaving the screaming crowd in a cloud of dust.

We follow closely as the two men then rip through the city, weaving in and out of traffic, all the while passing the iconic landmarks in Manhattan listed on the race map.

Red Cafe is ill behind the wheel, maneuvering whip while performing his verse. One eye on the road, the other on the badass piece beside him.

We will intercut Red Cafe's performance with passing shots of the city, as well as reactions from pedestrians as they see the cars whisk through the streets.

Along with each action-narrative-car-driving performance, the video will feature a locked-off, studio styled performance that will be lit for a more flattering/stylized effect (as of right now I'm thinking of shooting Red Cafe & Fabolous performing somewhere inside the warehouse, with a slick lighting effect).

As the video progresses, the video covers Fabolous's in car performance much like Red Cafe's, occasionally cutting to shots of his rear-view mirror, where he sees Red Cafe closing in, and eventually pass him.

As we follow the cars on the home stretch, we focus in on Red Cafe as he is seemingly in the lead.

We cut to a shot of Red Cafe's car as it pulls into the warehouse and creeps in towards the middle. Shockingly, we Fabolous already standing next to the ring leader, counting the money.

Fabolous grins as he watches Red Cafe's car slowly pull up. His grin quickly turns into a look of shock when he sees the load of fine dimes inside Red's car.

Red grins as if to note that the pit stop he had to make (i.e. picking up the chicks) will be well worth the money the he dropped on the bet.

Fabolous watches as Red Cafe pulls off. The ring leader steps into the frame and says to Fab, "that's ill"