Richboy feat. Polow the Don - Let's Get This Paper


Project info: Music Video
Artist: Rich Boy
Song Title: "Let's Get This Paper"
Director: Edwin Decena

About the video

Secretly, "Let's Get This Paper" was my favorite song on Rich Boy's self-titled, debut album.

It was my gym anthem at the time.

So it was a welcomed surprise when I got the call, from his manager at the time, expressing that they'd like me to direct a music video for it.

Because I was so familiar with the song, it was a challenge to rethink it's affect and try to re-interpret it for the purpose of a video.

Rich Boy expressed the sentiment behind the song (the death of his best friend along with his experience with the judicial system) and I let that guide me.

The song's subject matter and Rich Boy's sensibilities also inspired me to recreate a civil-right's themed video set to modern times.

Shot by Aaron Kovalchick, it turned out to be one of the videos I'm most proud of.