Red Cafe feat. Diddy & Fabolous - Money, Money, Money


Project info: Music Video
Artist: Red Cafe
Song Title: "Money, Money, Money"
Director: Edwin Decena

Video (Plot outline) The video unfolds as we follow Red Cafe (at times with Fabolous), who has a very little concept of big money, as he looses his head.

We open with Red Cafe performing the opening adlibs, and chorus in front of clean, multi colored backdrops that will be lit with a directional spotlight of some sort.

The spotlight will offer a hard light that will stylishly carve out the physical details in the artists and models (especially model lips, reciting the lines "money money money").

Throughout the performances we will also experiment with more subtle lighting effects (such as silhouetting, gradations), at first, the video will appear to be dramatically, yet traditionally lit. Then, as the song progresses, new and more thrilling lighting effects will gradually be revealed. Diddy, Fabolous, and other artist will appear and perform in this set up as well.

We begin to intercut the studio performance with scenes of Red Cafe, emerging from a Heliport (or private airport), looking all the part of a star. He is met by a female attendant/chauffeur of some sort and is led to an exotic vehicle (i'd prefer if this same female serves as driver as well).

We follow Red Cafe as his exotic car weaves through the 85 traffic with the magnificent ATL skyline serving as the backdrop.

Video (Look & Performances) The video, will have several looks that will manifest as the video transitions from calm to insane.

While at the lawyer's office it will be still, very cinematic in composition and style.

As the video moves and we follow Red Cafe through his mayhem, the look and the photography increasingly moves towards a more frenetic, handheld feel that will authentically capture Red's mayhem spree.

The video will feature a myriad of performances starting with a stylishly lit and composed studio set that will feature all artist on this song. The studio set will feature a textured white wall and a hard directional light that will create a fashion-editorialesque look - which I feel will be very flattering to all three artist. This performance set up will feature Diddy heavily, as we don't see him throughout the "money-spending" narrative.

Red Cafe, along with Fabolous, will perform instances of the song throughout the narrative. These performances are meant to feel very "in the moment" and animated - allowing the audience to get in on the fun of splurging on someone elses money.