Prop - Young Nigga


Project info: Music Video
Artist: Prop
Song Title: "Young Nigga"
Director: Edwin Decena

About the video

I was able to collaborate with my friends from the Gangster Chronicles label in DC.

There was never a written treatment, just a clear understanding and a communicated vision on what the video should be.

Prop and Gangster Chronicles felt that the song was a generation's anthem. We began with several vignettes that tacitly illustrated life in the inner city, in the district. ProP in a way as if he were the impartial voice for what this generation is...some are good, some are bad, some are just surviving... While in the editing the piece (Jaron & Caleb Lopez), the footage took us to another direction. I asked Prop to look at a montage and he wrote and narrated a poem to compliment the video. We called it "Nightmare in the Eyes of the Unseen"