Gemini feat. Lupe Fiasco - We On


Project info: Music Video
Artist: Gemini
Song Title: "We On"
Director: Edwin Decena

[Note: I’m relying on the Artists and Team for any locations, clubs, wardrobes, extras/models, and any other suggestions for this shoot – Let’s make it happen!!]

This piece will be a memorable and highly stylized performance piece that will serve as a proper showcase of Chicago’s new crop of lyricists.

The video will feature a split screen, split storyline. Filmed entirely in the city of Chicago, the split screens will feature two Chi-neighborhoods (on the left side Lupe’s Westside neighborhood, on the right side – Gemini’s Southside neighborhood).

Each split screen will feature a series of rhythmically paced and dynamic, 15-second portrait-styled vignettes or mini stories. These vignettes will show – in a highly stylized way – Both Gemini and Lupe taking us through a "tour" of two of Chicago’s significant yet unheralded neighborhoods.

The video will unfold in the split screens, as we will capture the simultaneous (and quite similar) actions, of both Gemini and Lupe, as they get ready for the night’s festivities in their respective turf (homes, cars, hoods, etc).

Gemini’s vignette (storyline) will consist of him sifting through his closet and picking out what threads he will don for the evening. Lupe’s will take place inside his flat (or even an urban boutique/shop or hood staple where he shops while in ‘Go).

Each shot on the split screen will feature the distinctive characteristics that the two neighborhoods possess but at the same time they will be composed symmetrically to accent the sameness in Chicago “culture.”

Whether it’s a difference in the way they tilt their hats, rock their kicks, or the different styled flats/projects that are peppered through the hood, the differences are slightly distinctive but the flavor is still Chicago.

We ill be very selective in the shots we use during the portrait vignettes will emphasize on the more stylish, mature, and jet-setting elements of Chicago.

The split screen storyline progresses to capture all the moments leading up to Gemini Lupe’s meeting at this one Chicago hot spot.

While still contained by separate screens, Gemini and Lupe dap each other and deliver the final lines of their third verse (their faces on both sides of the split frame).

The split screen shot concludes when Lupe delivers the lines “Better together, ya’ll know the letters...” The revealing shot will be phenomenal as the split screens will seamlessly fold together into a wide screen shot of Gemini and Lupe.

Our final shot will be of Gemini and Lupe entering the Chicago hot spot and making their way to an already “live” party. (I’m open to suggestion on whether or not Gemini and Lupe want to perform on stage,etc)

This piece avoid the clichés of posing gangsters, spinning rims, champagne sipping and other objectifying imagery that are over-done in the videos out in the market today and will focus on the simple yet whimsical aspects of the hood.

Simply put, this performance display will not feel, or look, like any other video currently on the air.

The dynamic handheld camera style, as well as the meticulously composed performance shots will heighten Gemini’s boldness and swag (as well as Lupe’s) and give it a visual rhythm complimenting the track.