Governor - Blood Sweat & Tears


Project info: Music Video
Artist: Governor
Song Title: "Blood Sweat & Tears"
Director: Edwin Decena

It's early evening and we are inside the kitchen of a small, low income apartment. Governor's Lady stands with her back towards the entrance of the apartment. Lady is a strikingly beautiful woman, but she seems agitated. She's tending to the piles of dishes inside the sink. Governor walks in, after a long day of being on the grind, with groceries and an accomplished smile.

Governor tries to brush up against Lady, but she gives him the cold shoulder. Governor sits on the messy kitchen table, and begins to get scolded by Lady. Tired of being broke, she blames Governor for all their misfortunes and current predicament. Governor has had enough of being underappreciated. It's about time she feels his pain.

Gritty yet highly stylized, the film will have a symbolically "cold" quality. Cool, monochromatic, silvery colors, high in contrast and precisely lit to paint a bluesy world of grit and realism. The piece will exhibit hand-held, documentary-like camera work that will beautifully track and cover our Governor's unfolding testimony.

In one long, remarkable shot, from one end of the kitchen, we close in on Governor, who is sitting back in his chair, fiddling with an empty cup, shaking his head. Governor is visibly frustrated. The tension in the kitchen is so thick you can see it through the screen. He looks up and says "Listen girl…"

Arms crossed and eyebrows arched, Lady uncaringly listens as Governor opens up and describes to his woman the hardships of trying to be a provider while walking the straight and narrow when all odds are stacked up against you.

As Governor continues his diatribe, we begin to see scenes from his back-breaking day.

We see a lyrical montage of Governor hard at work. He's loading palates of boxes onto shipping vans. He's wearing beat-up cover-alls. He's a low, low end employee, not even getting to use the mechanical palate loader. It's back breaking. He wipes sweat from his face as he continues on. The lunch bell rings. They have 20 minutes.

Outside the manufacturing plant, we see Governor trying to keep his tensions at ease as he blows out smoke from his mouth and nostrils. A closer look at Governor and we could see he's devising a plan. Today he will ask his boss for a raise, as bills are getting tighter and the temptation of going back to full-time hustling is growing.

As Governor steps outside the office - clearly not having gotten the raise - he makes eye contact with a fellow employee who makes a slight head-nod-gesture towards him. Governor understands and heads towards a hat lying inconspicuously on a dusty shelf. He picks it up and takes a hidden wad of cash. Governor has a side hustle, but shittin-where-he-eats can get dangerous. He puts it in his pocket and goes about his business.

The grueling work scenes will cut back to the night time kitchen scene, where we see Governor soulfully telling of his hardships. His soul, presence, and pain will all blend into an unforgettable and passionate performance.

Illustrating the lyric, we see governor rolling out of bed at 5:30 am, holding his head in his hands out of exhaustion and frustration.

Early evening. After having finished his second shift and bought groceries, he walks back home through the hood. On his way, he sees an old lady selling flowers. The flowers are beat up, but Governor feels it would be a good gesture to help the old lady out, and at the same time he could charm Lady.

Back in the apartment, we close in on a beat up flower on the floor. Governor has a satisfied look in his face. He's fully vented. A close up of Lady reveals her runny mascara, as well as her look of disbelief. A wider shot reveals that she's actually outside the house with all her belongings at her side. Governor has had enough. "Take your shit and step off". Governor slams the door leaving her standing numb. He walks towards his room.

Fade to Black

This piece will be driven by a non-literal translation of the song's narrative. The performances will be dramatic and dynamic. The interspersing of natural sounds (in the factory, the apartment) and documentary style coverage will heighten the viewer's sense of immediacy and place emphasis on the story being told. Quite simply, Governor will have a stunning debut in the music video arena.