Hamilton Park - Computer Love


Project info: Music Video
Artist: Hamilton Park
Song Title: "Computer Love"
Director: Edwin Decena

So i listened to the song, read the lyrics and reviewed the references. After digesting it for the night, I couldn’t escape the fact that this needed to feel bigger than just a video. So this piece is preceded by a heavy narrative introduction that features all the players (Andre Harrell, Frame, Yance, etc) and sets up the premise of the video.

The premise being that this is a private audition, and simultaneously (because of an inadvertent Ustream braodcast) a viral “coming out” performance.

They will have to go all out, as the future of the entire group, hangs on the limb that is one man’s opinion of them. And Andre Harrell is that one man that can make it all happen.

They’ve got three minutes to prove their worth. By singing and performing their hearts out. Just our luck, we all get to witness this moment.


We open up inside a large, open-space, dance rehearsal studio, where Hamilton Park, along with their managers Frame and Yancey, stand on the middle of the floor. It’s midday, and the shine of afternoon sun spills over the room’s textured walls. Aside from a boom box, a busted up, upright piano, the room is bare. This is place is all business, no flare. The guys seem to be in a middle of a break and Marcus runs over to the end of the room and slides on the hard wood floors til’ he comes to a stop at the piano to get a sip of water. Yancey continues to lay into the guys, damanding more of a concentrated effort from them. Frame pulls away from the huddle to answer his phone. He takes a few steps before abruptly stopping, then turning back towards Yancey.

Frame - “He’s on his way up”

Yancey nods his head then turns his attention back to the guys of Hamilton Park. He’s standing directly in front of Anthony, Chris and Royce.

Yancey - This is it guys, the guy that can make this dream real is about to walk through them doors in any second....where the hell is marcus?

Marcus, takes his a last sip of the water then flips open his laptop that was resting atop the piano. He logs clicks on his Ustream feed in hopes to give the fans one last update on this epic moment.

Marcus - You guys, thank you for your prayers...in about 5 minutes, we are going to put on a show for Andre Harrell...our fate will be decided in the next few minutes...thanks for coming along this journey with us....

Yancey - Marcus!!

Marcus runs back to join the group, forgetting to turn off the Ustream cam, in the process.

Yancey hears Mr.Harrell’s footsteps growing louder. Yancey gives one last look at the guys, and when the door behind him swings open, he nods his head as if to say “It’s all on you now guys...”

Yancey and Frame shoot a smirk Mr Harrell's way as he walks past him. Mr Harrell gives one look at the guys and shakes his head in disapproval.

Mr. Harrell - Rappers? Ok, come on let’s go, ya’ll got three minutes. Go

Anthony runs over to the boom box, presses play, then falls back in formation.


As the song ques up, the guys fall in behind their mike stands, assuming their stage positions. As the Ustream cam records on, the guys perform assuming that Mr.Harrell is both their judge and jury; an audience of one.

And for his part, Mr. Harrell circles the group, using every intimidating maneuver in his arsenal - trying to rattle the guys.

But the guys from Hamilton Park don’t rattle easy.

They break into their stage routine, in full speed. Each movement is fluid and on point, But its their voices, however, that manage to arrest Mr. Harrell's attention breaking his focus just enough to take his eyes off his blackberry every few seconds.

As the performance progresses, the camera cuts away to a far away dorm room on the campus of Spellman University. Three girls donning Greek letters in their sweaters hover over the Ustream clip bubbling in excitement while singing out loud with the guys.

Inside a locker room at strip club, a sexy girl gathers her friends to her ipad where she’s getting a feed from Ustream clip as well (maybe through a FB style interface, etc)

Inside a dimly lit bedroom, a thuggish fella walks into a bedroom where his girl is laying down on the computer. He leans over her shoulder to see who it is then slowly begins to nod along to the music with his girl. As Hamilton Park sets the mood, the nods eventually lead to kissing and caressing.

Everyone is enraptured by Hamilton Park’s undeniable talent and passionate performance. The guys lay it all on the line, and as cool as Mr. Harrell is remaining, it doesn’t escape the audience that he’s paying attention.

When the song comes to an end, the guys, completely exhausted now, hold their ground, waiting to hear Mr. Harrell’s response. . Mr. Harrell stands still as the the song echoes out through the rehearsal space. Then, Mr. Harrell slowly turns around and proceeds to walk out, not giving the guys so much as an indication let alone a signal.

As he approaches the door, Mr. Harrell gamely turns around and finds that the guys haven’t moved an inch. He cracks a smile then nods his head in approval.

Mr. Harrell - Alright...Alright....

As he walks through the hall, he sees Frame and Yancey waiting in the hallway - obviously they’ve been impatiently waiting there the whole time for a response as well.

Mr. Harrell - What?....haha...Welcome to Harrell Records....

Mr Harrell walks past the two guys who are still frozen in excitement. We can hear the guys in the next room yelling in excitement.

Fade to black.