Villain Styles feat. Raheem Devaugh - Drop Dead


Project info: Music Video
Artist: Villain Styles
Song Title: "Drop Dead"
Director: Edwin Decena

An establishing opening shot brings us to the long winding driveway of a luxurious, Victorian mansion. An unassuming, vintage sedan idles quietly near the mansions front gate.

Ishmael sits alone in the front seat of the sedan and slowly adjust the rearview mirror so that he can see Half and Dink in the back seat without having to turn his head.

“So ya’ll already know the drill…nothing different,” he says. “Ya’ll go in there, blend in, soak up the atmosphere, and when ya’ll see the opening, go in and handle ya’ll business. The safe is in the master suite.”

“Who’s the getway driver?” asks Dink.

Ishmael shoots back, “Don’t worry about that, just clean out the safe, and she’ll find you.”

Dink turns to Half and incredulously mouth’s the words “SHE?!!”

Music Starts.

We cut to the inside of the mansion and see that we have arrived at an extravagant social gathering. Elegant young women carelessly pour out expensive champagne, giggling as it spills to the floor.

The mansion is lush. The vintage furniture as well as the Victorian details in the rooms makes this location timeless - with a subtle European feel to it. Fancily clad models sashay over vintage rugs and pose under ornate chandeliers, and in front of tasteful artwork.

Raheem Devaughn, donning a smoking jacket, plays hosts/crooner, charming any girl within arms reach.

We see Villain Style, partaking in the night’s activities: flirting with women, champagne toasting, two-stepping, etc.

The video will feature several vignettes featuring the scores of beautiful women sauntering around the beautiful Victorian mansion in their fashionable outfits delighting in good champagne and each other’s company (luxuriating in couches, as well as cameos from other artist, celebs, etc).

As the night progresses, we are reminded that Villain Style is here with a purpose. The men see the opening they were waiting for (A security guard leaves his post) and they make their way into the “master suite.”

Once inside the master suite, Half goes straight for the safe near the bed while Dink sorts through any other loot worth taking. Just as it looks like they will make a quick getaway, we hear “Hold it right there.”

Music Stops.

The security guard nervously holds up the gun, alternately pointing it from Dink to Half.

We watch as Half slowly comes up from the safe and discreetly moves his hand towards his waistline.

The security guard quickly notices and swings his gun towards Half.


We see Dink jump back and then Half’s eyes widen.

The security guard’s lifeless body drops violently to the floor.

Xela slowly walks in, holding the smoking gun.

She looks over at the Half and Dink and says, “I’m your driver.”

Half then turns to Dink and mouth’s the words “SHE!!!”

Music Continues.

We watch as Villain Style & Xela make their way out of the party, just as smooth as they walked in.

Clean Getaway.

The video will feature several performances from Villain style that will be intrinsically tied to the narrative. We’ll see half and dink as they flirt(rap) to women in the mansion’s foyer, gallery, or whatever interesting nook/room that the mansion may feature. We’ll also make sure we shoot a studio stlyled/locked off performance of the guys that could be used throughout the video.

“Drop Dead” will essentially be a sexy, sophisticated performance piece with a short, action pact narrative sequence that will be consistent with the “Murdaland Prince” short. It will be a stylized, entertaining, cinematic introduction to this new duo from the DMV – as well as a sneak preview to the XELA chapter of these short films.