Maino feat. Swizz Beatz - Million Bucks


Project info: Music Video
Artist: Maino
Song Title: "Million Bucks"
Director: Edwin Decena


After a brilliantly executed OTB heist, Maino heads back to his Brooklyn neighborhood to share his new found riches with the people who more desperately need it.


We open up with a shot of an OTB branch, smack in the middle of a New York City block. We cant see inside the branch becasue, for some reason, the windows seem tinted, or as if they were covered with black tarp something. The camera crawls slowly towards the door. As the camera creeps closer we begin to see smoke spewing out from the bottom of the door.

Then, the door bursts open.

Four men, all wearing masks (faceless prosthetic masks like the one michael myers wore - or we can go with the joker masks) and black/overalls (like those cleaning suits), rush out of the OTB hauling large bags of cash.

A cargo van comes flying into frame. The driver (a female - like nikki minaj or someone) barely stops as the four men, bags and all, dive into the van for the clean getaway.

(Song Starts)
As the white cargo van approaches the Manhattan Bridge, the men inside remove their masks one by one (cameos of rappers - fab, jada, red, swizz... or crew members) with Maino removing his mask last.

Maino takes a deep breath, trying to soak in the moment. He's just pulled off the heist of a lifetime and it feels as good as he imagined it would.

(First Verse)
Maino performs the song (with Swizz chiming in from the back of the cargo van) while reveling in the moment. Overcome with excitement, Maino feels compelled to let the hood have in on the fun.

To ensure that the video stays true to the upbeat spirit of the track, this half of the narrative will be intercut with a locked off performance by Maino over a very visual location in Brooklyn (TBD - but i am partial to rooftops!)

(Chorus) We cut to a series of shots of hood landmarks along Nostrand Ave. Then, we watch as a young boy runs frantically towards a crowd gathering at a neighborhood parking lot. He fights his way towards the front of the crowd, just in time to see Maino (and Swizz) roll up the rear door to a box truck.

(Second Verse & Bridge)
Christmas came early to the hood as the growing crowd gets blessed by Maino who begins to toss gifts, shoes, (a sexy girl even gets a sparkling bottle of Nuvo), money and anything he can get his hands on into the crowd. As Maino performs his verse from the cargo area of the truck, the "giveaway" quickly begins to resemble a block party.

At this point, we will introduce a performance set up that will showcase Maino & Swizz, performing the song apart from the narrative. This performance will be at night time, and the artist (if the budget allows) will perform in front of an exotic car - illustrating just how blessed the artist truly are, and presenting them in a flattering, larger than life way. We wil intercut this performance with the remaining narrative.

Swizz hops down from the truck and gets in the middle of the crowd. After getting everybody's attention, he digs in his pocket and begins to throw money all around - the crowd begins emulating the dance at the same time.

(Final Chorus)
As the video comes to a close, we focus in on the neighborhood folks - celebrating, overjoyed expressions all over their faces. For one day, Maino helped them forget about their troubles.

The final shot is of Maino, sun setting behind him, joining the people in their celebration and smiling from ear to ear - proving that their may be some truth to the old adage that "it's better to give..."