Untouchables / Murdaland Prince

Orignal Treatment

Project info: Short Film (Musical)
Title: "Murdaland Prince/Untouchables"
Director: Edwin Decena

Prince, a reformed hustler, is called in by his aging mentor for an impromptu meeting in the back of his old school sedan. The mentor hands him a manila envelope and then informs him that he is the target of a hit. Suspecting that it may be stemming from an old gang war, the mentor proceeds to describe the guise of the potential killer.

(Note: Background music here will be “Rock to the beat”) Moments later, we see Prince slumped back in a plush seat, watching the strippers seductively dance in the distance.

As Prince sits alone at a booth of the gentleman’s club, we still hear the echo’s of the mentor describing the killer’s arresting pattern of beauty: her curves, lips, hair, eyes, etc.

The strippers exit the stage, and just like that, they exit Prince’s conscience.

He takes a look at his pocket watch before finishing his glass. As he goes to set his glass down, the mysterious vixen hands him another round.

“Gotta admire a man who knows how to order a Manhattan Noonday at a joint like this,” says the vixen as she makes room for herself on the couch along side Prince,

Prince slides the drink to the side and watches the the beautiful female takes a seat.

Prince, who frequents this club, has never laid eyes on the vixen before. Her style and sophisticated demeanor eliminates her from being a dancer or waitress.

He finds her poise and confidence a little peculiar, but intriguing.

As the two get familiar, we begin to hear the echo’s of the Mentor’s voice again, this time describing the killer’s more cunning attributes: the “mark-of-an-assasin” tattoo, the alarming attention to detail, the disarming charm.

In the virtual chess game that ensues, we see that Prince and the could-be killer have many characteristics in common. Each exchange is brief, but it’s underscored by a great deal of sexuality, and punctuated by a healthy dosage of wit.

After a series of rounds, the exchanges get heavier and more sexually suggestive. Totally aware of who she may in fact be, Prince throws caution to the wind and takes the leap.

We watch as Prince and the vixen stand at opposite ends of an ascending elevator. The virtual void, inside the elevator, creates an uncomfortable moment of second-guessing on Prince’s behalf. The vixen inches towards Prince and smiles just as the doors open. Prince makes his choice.

Inside the plush hotel room, Prince watches from the couch as the vixen takes off her clothes while still managing to keep him engaged in conversation.

Prince notices that the vixen in wrapping up her clothing, in an effort to conceal something. He watches as she artfully slides it under the pillow and then beckons him.

The next morning, Prince is in the bathroom rigorously washing his face. The haunting words of his mentor repeat in his head as he flashes back to vivid images from last night’s torrid sexual tryst with the stripper. The tattoo, the mysterious scars and the deceptive looks that she gave him during their passionate exchanges were all things he can hear his mentor alluding to now.

But as Masai sits atop the toilet, loading up his pistol, he’s not absolutely convinced that what he’s felt up to this moment, with the stripper, is not real.

He slowly makes his way back to the bed and pulls up a chair. The morning sun lights up the room and perfectly accents the stripper’s magnificent, naked body.

As she lay asleep with her back turned to him, Prince begins to run the barrel of his gun along her body.

The vixen opens her eyes. Recognizing the feel of cold steel, she doesn’t move.

Prince, in a low, reflective voice begins to tell the vixen about his life’s lessons, path, and how he’s come to this point...how they’ve subsequently come to this point.

At this point the vixen slowly turns around and sees Prince pointing his gun at her. She slowly sits up and rests her body on the headboard.

Prince continues to elaborate, but he is interrupted by a loud knock at the door. He shifts his attention towards the door.

“No thank you,” the vixen yells.

By the time Prince turns his attention back to the vixen she’s pulled her weapon out from under her pillow and is pointing it directly at him.

Prince slowly puts his pistol down and stairs into the stripper’s fierce eyes.

Unshaken, Prince continues with his monologue recounting something along the lines of “we are who we are, but at what point do we transcend.”

He let’s the vixen know that he decided to forgo his heart the minute they stepped out of the elevator, so the consequences henceforth don’t matter much to him. Prince tells her that the only thing he wants to know is if the moments they shared, at the club, in the elevator, and last night, were real.

If not, she could shoot him where he stands.

After a long pause it’s evident that the vixen has no intentions of carrying out her assignment.

Her lips open in an attempt to say something, but nothing comes out. As he inches closer to her, she re-grips the weapon, prompting him to stop.

“Go” she whispers.

Prince’s face softens as he takes this as an avowal.

Before standing up, Prince digs his hands into his jacket pocket. He pulls out his hand in a tightly clenched fist. He puts his hands over the counter, and one by one, proceeds to line up the bullets that the vixen thought were inside her gun.

“You wasn’t going to get off that easy...”

Prince then slowly stands up, admires her one more time, then walks out of the room.

Once Prince leaves the room, we hear the voice of his mentor.

Back in the car, Prince’s mentor continues to give him resounding words of advice, for person of his stock...a person who’s in “the life.”

As the mentor’s voice hollow through, we see the vixen back in the hotel room, inspecting her gun. After a few seconds, she cocks back the barrel and ejects the one bullet that, unbeknownst to Prince, remained in the chamber.

Back in the car, Prince examines the content of the manila envelope: which include a picture of the stripper.

(Note: Background music here, to play as outtro will be “New Money”) Prince concurs. His mentor offers up one last “be careful” before Prince makes his exit.

Fade to black.