Saigon feat. Swizz Beatz & Just Blaze - C'mon Baby


Project info: Music Video
Artist: Saigon
Song Title: "C'mon Baby"
Director: Edwin Decena

“Come On Baby” will be a stylishly gritty performance video covering Saigon in various settings as well as cinematically capturing his live show performance at a notorious underground rock club.

The video will be entirely in black and white except for highlights of color (Gorgeous eyes, guitar strings, drum rims, and colorful drinks to name a few) that will makes it hard to take your eyes off the screen. The video will not follow the mold of any other video on air.

We open with a handheld tracking shot that follows Saigon walking through the backstage passage of the club. As he walks through an open side door, Saigon gets to sneak a peak at the venue’s main floor.

What Saigon sees bares very little resemblance to a hip hop club. It’’s a sweatbox…small and wall to wall packed. The walls are black and graffiti laced and the hanging ceiling lights fixtures look like they can fall on the crowd at any minute

There is nothing “hood” about this club, but it’s crazy in every way. The crowd is mixed with ethnicity but they all have a “punk rock/rock and roll” flair. T

This is weird, Saigon keeps it moving and enters the dressing room where Swizz and Just and a booking agent await. Just looks up “You seen that shit?”

“Yo where the fuck we at?” asks Saigon.

The booking agent does his best to try and diffuse the situation. “We are in [?] Club, and that there my friend, is what you call an eclectic crowd”

“That’s that bullshit” chimes Swizz.

“Fact of the matter is…they paying” the booking agent says as he pulls out a huge stack of paper. “So let’s make it do what it do and show these sick mothefuckers what real show be like!”

We will introduce an alternate performance of Saigon and a few of his peoples (Jus, Swizz, etc) posted up in a dilapidated strip on the lower east side (east village, alphabet city…etc).

This performance will be very slick and sinister. The light source will be as if it were coming from the flickering street lamps. The spotted light will cause shadows to cast over some of Saigon’s peoples causing them to look even more menacing.

This performance scene will have the same tone as the eclectic rock party but will have all the unpredictability of the New York City night life (the colorful personalities, etc)

We cut to the house band on stage as they try their best to keep the crowd entertained and under control. Just Blaze is the first to get on stage. He pulls out drum sticks from his back pocket and aggressively tells the drummer to bounce. The drummer puts a little bit of a fight but bounces nonetheless. Swizz gets behind the keyboards and taps the microphone.

A lone guitar player, member from the house band, stands off to the side. He’s got this spiteful look in his eye that reads “I’m gonna fuck their show up!!!”

The stage is set.

“Lady’s and gentlemen, you know rockin with the best…”

The crowd freezes almost as if to say “who the fuck are these dudes.”

Saigon bursts to the stage and bumrushes the mic. “Microphone check one two what is this”

Right then the spiteful guitar player lets out an insane guitar riff. Surprisingly, the shit sounds hot! So Saigon looks to the side and encourages the white boy on the guitar to keep doing it.

In true emcee form, rocks the ridiculously crunked-out rock crowd. Saigon’s “on-stage” performance will be captured in both documentary-styled fashion (like DMX’s performance in the “Get At Me Dog” video with the look of Sin City) and a more aesthetically pleasing, dramatically stylized set up (tight, revealing angles with Saigon looking into the camera).

The crowd goes crazy. Selective shots of bottles breaking, chains swinging, mosh pits forming, will be heightened by the selective splash of colors that will highlight the scene.

From the first frame on, the video will feel very stylish and almost futuristic. We will cover Saigon in a very cinematic, larger than life way. This piece video will be fashioned somewhere along the line of a cool movie trailer and a stylized music video.