Plies feat. T-Pain - Shawty


Project info: Music Video
Artist: Plies
Song Title: "Shawty"
Director: Edwin Decena


We open with an establishing shot of a ghetto neighborhood in Orlando. In front of a house there’s a gambling table set up. A host of hood and industries celebrities (cameos), along with Plies, sit around the table inspecting their card hands. One of Plies homies (maybe T-pain) taps him on the shoulder and points at the slow creeping car that’s riding up the block. It might be the cops, so Plies and the rest of the dudes on the table put out their blunts, or put their plastic cups underneath the table.

The car pulls up in front of the house across the street. Plies pulls his shades down and keeps his eye on the situation. The man that hops out of the car puts a bright orange eviction sticker on the door. Just then, a thick, natural but sexy, hood type chick comes out of the door, with a kid attached to her hip, comes out of the door. She tries to argue with the man putting the sticker on the door, but he aint havin it…he jumps back in his car. “Lil Mama” stays by the door trying to remove the sticker from the door.

Everyone back at the gambling table is like “damn, ‘Lil Mama’ thick as shit” Plies puts his cards down on the table and starts to head her way. One of the goons on the table is like “where the fuck you goin, we gotta money on the table here” then he looks at Plies hand (a full house) and just shakes his head.

First Verse

Plies sizes “Lil Mama” up as he makes his way to her house. He snatches the sticker from her hand and “told her, I’ll pay for it.” “Lil Mama” smiles and bends over to put her kid down, Plies checks out her body some more. “Lil Mama” sends her kid inside the house.

Plies proceeds to go hard on “Lil Mama,” showing her the stacks, the cars in the driveway, etc. It doesnt take much more before she invites him inside. The cats back at the gambling table saw it all go down from across the street. They all laugh giving Plies his props as they deal the next hand.

Cut to.
“The hottest thing in the city baby, you can’t ignore”
Plies is driving through the hood in an old school chevy. He pulls up to the trap spot (probably a hood Jamaican/fast food restaurant). Real goons outside the spot are in the middle of a dice game. They stop to salute Plies as he makes his way inside the spot.

Inside the Jamaican Fast Food Joint, Plies taps the counter table and asks the store clerk at the register if his Shawtie is in the back. As the store clerk rings up the customer in front of her, she knods her head yes and look towards the kitchen. Plies heads back towards the kitchen.

Plies creeps up on a thick, West Indian chick who’s tossing seasoning in to a pot. Plies sneaks up on her and wrapns around her waist. His hands go straight to her p*ssy. The West Indian Shawtie, jumps up and turns around. Plies is buggin.

“I showed her I was a real goon…”

We will show shots of Plies grabbing at her ass, trying to unbutton her shirt, pressing his hips on her ass, etc. Plies aggressive nature turns West Indian Shawtie on but she’s afraid somebody might sneak into the kitchen, so she keeps looking around towards the door. Plies grabs her attention by pulling on her pony tail and going at her neck…

We dissolve to a shot Plies in front of the same trap spot, he’s sitting, with his shirt off, in front of his parked Grand Prix. The West Indian Shawtie is next to him. She’s dressed in sexier gear now. She rubs her hand across his chest trying to lure his attention as he performs for the camera.

“Now she suck me wit ice…”
We cut to a slow motion insert of Plies. The West Indian Shawtie into frame with a dripping ice cube pressed on her lips. Plies remains unfazed as she goes up and down his neck with the cube still on her lips.


We dissolve to a shot of Plies with his goons around him. Plies attention is on his phone as he plays the phone texting game. A wider shot reveals that they are in a strip (similar to south beach, or even Venice beach). Plies and his goons are leaned up against his ride, blowin out blunt smoke and trying to holler at every shorty that walks bye. A truck tugging a big billboard, with Plies album release info on it, is parked behind the ride. Sexy women of all nationalities (white, Hispanics, black, etc.), in wet skintight bathing suits, short shorts and other revealing summer gear walk through the strip and sneak a peak at the Plies billboard, then point at Plies like “yo that’s him!.” The goons manage to stop a couple of girls and kick it with him. Plies daps off some of the goons and gets in to his cars. The girls stay behind with the goons but they all have that face that says “where he goin?”

Second Verse

We cut to a shot of wheels spinning. Plies pulls up on a fancy side strip (like sunset, south beach, etc.). A slow motion shot tracks a pony tail sporting, shade wearing, fendi bag toting sophisticated chic hops out of the passenger seat. As she hops out, a slight haze of blunt smoke follows her out of the car. She’s somewhat of a sophisticated but hood chick, the kind that shops in these high end boutiques with gwap from the stip club. Plies follows behind her. Plies jeans hangin off his ass and as Sophisticated Mami tries to fix his pants, Plies pushes her off.

We follow Sophisticated Mami as she walks into the pricey shoe store. (This will be a perfect place for a cameo appearances of artists and dj’s with their girls inside the store).

Plies wants to get his smoke on and proceeds to roll up inside the store. Sophisticated Mami gives him a dirty look and Plies just waves his hands at her like “man fuck that.”

Just then Plies gets a text message saying “I want you tonight.” Plies smiles and replies, “Leave the window open for me.”

We cut to a shot of Trina, receiving Plies’s text message. She smiles. Little rug rats are in the background wreaking havoc in the apartment (probably she has 1 kid and they are having a sleep over or some shit). Trina don’t need her son/daughter going back to his or her daddy with details about her and Plies so she quickly scrambles up their toys and tells them to get to bed.

We dissolve to a time lapsing shot of the city, showing it turn from day to night.

We dissolve to an interior shot of a house, where a sexy Trina fixing up her lingerie, spraying herself with perfume, taking off her jewelry, touching up her hair, making sure shit tight. This will be covered in a series of super sexy, slow motion shots that focus on Trina’s (or any other female) sexy qualities: her lips, eyes, body and the actions she’s performing. We cut to an exterior shot of Plies, sneaking into the side of the house.

Plies knocks on the window. The sexy female runs towards her door and makes sure it’s locked. Then she goes to the window and opens it up for Plies. Plies hops inside the window. Once inside he grabs the sexy female by the waste and turns her around for the camera (“I exposed her real”)…it’s Trina.

After feelin her up for a few seconds, he tosses Trina on the bed. She sits up and grabs him by the belt buckle and pulls him her way.

At the end of the video we will show a montage that briefly recaptures Plies closing the deal on all the different shawties (eviction notice girl, trap spot-west indian/ice girl, water park girls, sophisticated mami , and back to trina).

Each performance in this video will take place with Plies and sometimes T-Pain performing the lyrics within the narrative/storyline of the video.

The different women in this video will be distinctly different from each other (race, class, etc.), where Plies will remain the same hood cat throughout the video and will use his thugged out swagger to bag all of them.

Never sappy, this video will be street relatable in everyway, from the interpretation and coverage of the women and Plies interaction with the females. This video will feel real.