Alliance feat. Fabo - Tatted Up


Project info: Music Video
Artist: Alliance
Song Title: "Tatted Up"
Director: Edwin Decena

Early Morning.

We open with The Alliance in an energetic and highly visual performance scene. Rapping in a myriad of stunning ATL locations (Traphouse/Bridges, etc.).

Cut Tookie’s Tattoo Parlor: We follow an attractive young female as she walks pass a long line outside of Tookie’s Tattoo Parlor. The line resembles a “club line”. The crowd is peppered with people of mixed races and types (thugs, college students, white biker types – possibly on harleys), all of which are caught up in the tattoo craze/phenomena that has swept the country.

As the female gets escorted into a backroom, she passes a tattoo booth were the DJ King Arthur is getting his mark. Unfazed by the pain, he looks up just in time to catch the see the attractive young female checkin him out. We continue to track the attractive young female to the backroom where a tattoo artist awaits her. She coyly lays down on the massage table and with a suggestive, sexy hand gesture, she let’s the artist know that she wants the tattoo on her lower back. The artist smiles and nods his head. She removes her shirt (no revealing anything) and the artist pulls down her pants almost to her crack. He starts the tattoo gun.

The tattoo parlor narrative will serve as the spine of the video and will be inter-cut with various performance set ups for The Alliance and Fabo.

The video will continue to unfold in a series of photo journalism-styled inserts. These inserts will illustrate – in a highly stylized way - elements of the lyrics in the song (i.e. thong showin, tatted up chicks, ride or die type chicks, etc.).

The video will make use of real people (hustlers, girls, spectators, and locals –and providing an unflinching and raw high energy look in the streets of ATL. The video will avoid the clichés of "The Dirty South" that are so over-done in the videos out in the market today – while still possessing the trappings of all the popular videos out there (the rides/rims, women, etc.)

The video will be shot on super 16MM and will have a beautiful, somewhat earthy (in color), gritty documentary look. The handheld style, as well as several tricked-out camera angles will heighten The Alliance and Fabo's performance and give it a frenetic energy.

This piece will serve as an unforgettable introduction for The Alliance (in their native city) and their position in the arena of hip-hop.