Cupid - Cupid Shuffle


Project info: Music Video
Artist: Cupid
Song Title: "Cupid Shuffle"
Director: Edwin Decena

“Cupid Shuffle” will be a realistic yet stylish and sophisticated performance piece.

The video will have a tough, natural, documentary look – human, raw, visually poetic.

An establishing opening shot brings us to an anonymous inner city neighborhood. It’s summertime, dusk, and the light from the sun gives everything a sun-baked, golden quality. Shot in a handheld-documentary style, the images will possess a very realistic quality. The colors will be crisp and ultra-vivid, the quality of light will give the video a heightened sense of reality.

There’s a gathering in the block (or park). Banners that read “Shuffle Competition” are being hung from the street light poles. And we begin to see individual dancers, and color coordinated dance crews, gather below the makeshift stage. People from all ages, ethnicities begin to crowd around the the stage. On the stage sits a mic and turntables as a celebrity DJ (maybe DJ “Special” Ed) calls on his M.C/Artist for the night. It’s an official block party/park jam extravaganza as artist and other hood luminaries can be seen across the park.

The stage is set.

Police cars cruisers block the entrance of the courts. Their moving sirens give out a passing warm light flare across the dance crews that have started to close in towards the middle of the floor (street/basketball court, etc.). As Cupid command the mic, the Dance crews feverishly move and perform the shuffle with their own personal flare.

Each crew, one after another, is filled with a number of colorful characters, and seems to be more creative than the last. Back flips, and other acrobatic moves all get thrown in the mix. All the while, Cupid’s performances is just as cool and electrifying as his southern swagger alone, is enough to carry the video.

At the climax of the song, the mood of the video will change and it will become an “all-inclusive” affair. The dance crews amicably give each other props and part the floor and let the older, heavier, folks take a wack at it. Not as graceful, but much more entertaining, the older folks put their old school “stank” on the shuffle and make it look even more genuine.

As the video closes, we see Cupid hopping off the mic, with a satisfied look in his eye. He walks over to a young girl in the crowd. Cupid gently takes a hold of her wrist and helps her along with the steps of the shuffle.

This video will sum up a place and time and a “feeling” quite like no other video on air. This dance/craze will soon sweep through the country.