About Edwin Decena

These are the chronicles of the places that I've been

Decena's work is recognized for its gritty realism, cinematic aesthetic, thorough and honest characterizations that shape his well rounded narrative pieces. His work has been viewed in various networks and festivals in the U.S. and abroad.

Born and raised in Passaic New Jersey, Edwin Decena was heavily influenced by hip hop culture. His love for hip hop led him to becoming a college radio DJ while attending Rutgers University. Here he built strong relationships with local artist. Eventually Edwin was able to tap these artist for his first foray into video production. After graduating, Edwin worked as a multimedia and interactive designer with several marketing and advertisement. His eye for motion graphics and appreciation for hip hop led him to pursue a career in the field of editing, music videos in particular.

Decena shot and edited his first budget video “For Gangsters,” by Grayco, in 2003. Armed with a three man crew and only 2 days of pre-production, he took on the streets of Newark NJ in true guerilla fashion. The video was well received and ultimately debuted on BET’s “The Next” in August 2003.

An impromptu meeting with a then budding reggaeton producer and fellow Dominican, Manuel Alejandro Ruiz (aka Boy Wonder), resulted in Edwin Decena becoming a producer and editor of the critically acclaimed reggaeton documentary “The Chosen Few.” The experience allowed Edwin to be a witness to a new cultural phenomenon. It also enabled him to meet and develop working relationships with many artists of the genre and make key contacts within the music industry in general.

Today Decena has gone on to direct the Chosen Few: El Documental parts I & II (2003-2004), Transformations (2006) and several music videos including Shawty (Plies), Never (Jaheim), Better Believe It (Lil Boosie), and Cupid Shuffle(Cupid).